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"The 844": Anna Fitzgerald's Family Broken

Chicago, Illinois — This week we recognize and honor the lives of the following people who were among "The 844" who died in the Eastland Disaster.

We commemorate: John J. Daly (age 24); Agnes Forlop (Mrs. John J.) Daly (26); Theresa Danda (19); Edward Danda (11); Frantisek Danek (32); Frederick Dankers, Jr. (24); Martha Adamkiewicz Darka (24); Lillian Schultz Davis (20); Earl Harvey Dawson (18); John Debnar (40); Howard John Dester (28); Caroline Mary (Mrs. John W.) DeTamble (26); Frank A. Dobberman (33); George W. Dobek (19); Anna Dolejs (20); Marie Dolejs (17); Rose Dolejs (19); Joseph Dolejs (18); William Fitzgerald, Sr. (46) and James Fitzgerald (9).

"The 844": The Engenharts' Story

Chicago, Illinois — Every week beginning in October, EDHS has been commemorating the lives of those were among "The 844" -- those who perished in the Eastland Disaster.

This week, we honor the following lives that were lost on July 24, 1915 in the Eastland Disaster: Robert L. Clarke (age 33), Marie Eleanor Anderson (Mrs. Robert L.) Clarke (28), Eleanor Clarke (2); Anna Kerstina (Mrs. Claus) Clausen (31), Ella Kerstina Clausen (7); Rose Rutz (Mrs. Joseph Smith) Cmucha (27); Celia (Mrs. Frank) Columbik (24); Anna Comerford (18); Margaret Belle Quaine (Mrs. Matthew) Cooney (34), Thomas F. Cooney (1); Mary E. Jackson, aka Bethel Cox (24), Mildred S. Cox (13); Rose Veronica Cullen (21); Ruth Curtin (22); and Harry Engenhart (20).

"The 844": The Loss of the Ehrhardts

Chicago, Illinois — This week EDHS honors the lives of the following victims who were among "The 844" who perished in the Eastland Disaster.

We honor: Marie Ceciorski (age 24); Bessie Cepak (19); Mary Ceranek (17); Frank Cerney (16); Michael Gallagher Chamberlain (28); Katherine Chartoir (22); Emily Chellburg (age unknown); Pauline Chittuse (18); Jenny Chmela (20); George Cholke (19); Frieda Christiansen (20); Josephine Cifrik (20); Vaslav Cihak (34); William Clark (20), Alice B. (Mrs. William) Clark (19), Alice Clark (9 months); Clara C. Ehrhardt (32), and Frederic J. Ehrhardt (31).

"The 844": The Fate of Bessie Dvorak

Chicago, Illinois — On this first Wednesday of November, we honor the lives of the following people who were among "The 844" who perished in the Eastland Disaster.

We commemorate: Anton J. Brychta (age 37); Anton Brynacki (30); Mabel Deichmann Bucholz (21); George Buczkowski (28); Yadigwa Budzinska (18); Arthur Buege (19); Herbert Buelow (18); Anna Buth (20); Josephine Cajthaml (18); Andrew Capra (24); Nellie Carney (20); Jacomo Caro (32), Rose (Mr. Jacomo) Caro, Felicia Caro (5); Thomas Joseph Carroll, Jr. (20); and Bessie Dvorak (21).

Descendants Still Treasure Watch of Great-Great-Aunt

Chicago, Illinois — "The 844" story from last week told the story of the Eastland's largest family to succumb to the Disaster -- the Sindelars. This family of seven was completely wiped out on the morning of July 24, 1915.

On that fateful morning, Western Electric foreman George Sindelar boarded the Eastland along with his wife Josephine, their five children, and Josephine's sister Regina Dolezal. Sadly, the family all perished together in the Chicago River.

Author Jay Bonansinga wrote about the Sindelar family in his 2004 book "The Sinking of the Eastland: America's Forgotten Tragedy," saying: "Crushed in the mob, their cries silenced by the explosion of water, the Sindelars faced eternity with their children pressed against them."

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