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News and Updates

2015 to Mark More Than 100 Year Anniversary of Eastland Disaster

Happy New Year from all of us at the Eastland Disaster Historical Society! As of today, we can no longer say that the 100th anniversary of the Eastland Disaster is next year -- it is now this year. This creates a sense of urgency within the organization for two very important reasons:

Looking Back on 2014 and Forward to 2015

From Executive Director and Chief Historian, Ted Wachholz:

“I never realized how much I look like her,” she said to me. “I have her nose, her smile, the shape of her face. Everyone tells me that I also have her personality – bubbly, silly, and fun.”

"The 844": Named Her Daughter After Her Late Husband

Chicago, Illinois -- The following group of "The 844" Eastland Disaster victims are remembered this week: Alma Etter (age 21); Angela (Mrs. Louis) Etzkorn (46); Jennie Evenhouse (26); Anna B. Evenhouse (23); Harry Evenhouse (21); Mary Fanret (19); Robert Farnara (21); Amelia Farrell (19); William Alexander Feehan (39); James Fenik (34); Mary (Mrs. James) Fenik (29); Helen Fenik (4); William Fenik (7); Margaret Fick (19); Alma F. Fink (29); and Edward Henry Garner (38).

Marion Eichholz's Passing: A Reflection and Appreciation

A personal reflection from EDHS Executive Director and Chief Historian, Ted Wachholz:

While attending the visitation for Marion Eichholz at the Hursen Funeral Home a week ago, we spent time being greeted by and visiting with Marion's family -- including her younger sister Shirley. Our conversations reminded us of how we first met Marion's family, and I wanted to share the story with you.

"The 844": A Mother's Third Tragedy

Chicago, Illinois -- The following victims of the Eastland Disaster, part of "The 844," are remembered today: Catherine (Mrs. Vincent) Dubek (age 38); Catherine Dubek (16); Joseph Dubek (11); John Dudek (33); Mary Krzyzaniak (Mrs. John) Dudek (27); Charles James Duggan (30); Victoria Dulean (21); Rose Dunne (25); Alexander Dupke (21); Marya (Minnie) DzionDziak (19); Mary Helen Egan (15); Nicholas Elecks (45); Walter Elendt (20); Lena Engels (23); Jenny Erickson (24); Carrie Erlandson (22); Rachel (Hill) Foster (25), and Harry Foster (25).

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