EDHS News and Updates

News and Updates

First Animation of Eastland's Movement Released

Chicago, Illinois — A new critical aspect of how EDHS communicates the history of the Eastland Disaster has been added to our website: a visual animation of the Eastland's movement on the morning of July 24, 1915.

"The 844": Anna Brenner's Story

Chicago, Illinois — This week we commemorate and celebrate the lives of the following people who were among "The 844" who died nearly 100 years ago in the Eastland Disaster.

We honor the lives of: Florence Begitschke (age 18); Agnes Behrendt (22), Gertrude Behrendt (17); William Belmonti (19); Anna Belsky (19); Anna Benes (20); Anna Benik (21); Samuel Benn (37); Leroy David Bennett (21); David G. Benson (25); Gertrud (Mrs. Gustav O.) Berg (35), Irene Berg (1); Myrtle J. Berglund (12); David A. Bergman (22); Harry D. Bergquist (15); and Anna Brenner (18).

"The 844": The Story of Victim Frederick Biehl's Widow

Chicago, Illinois — In this second week of October, we commemorate the lives of the following people who were among "The 844" who tragically lost their lives in the Eastland Disaster.

We honor: Harold E. Andren (age 19); Susanna (Mrs. Albert) Androvits (30), Amalia Androvits (6), Emerentia Androvits (3); Kate (Mrs. Thomas E.) Austin (47); Frances Badalewska (20); Harry Baia (16); Emilie Bambasova (20); Paul Bannach (20), Bessie Karvasek (Mrs. Paul) Bannach (19); Edward S. Bartlett (55); Anna Batruel (21); Benjamin Becker (20); Margreth Becker (18); Jethro Richard Beel, Jr. (27); and Frederick Biehl (26).

"The 844": Spotlight on Eastland Victim Charles Bender

Chicago, Illinois — Beginning this week, the Eastland Disaster Historical Society will be commemorating the lives of "The 844" victims who perished in the Disaster in 1915.

This week, we honor and celebrate the lives of the following 16 people who were among The 844 who perished in the Eastland Disaster:

Marya Adamkiewicz (age 9); August Adler (29); Caroline Schroth Affeld (36); Marie Albertz (20); Lena Albrecht (17); Kathryn Allen (25); Hattie Althaler (22); Allen Anderson (4), Alfred Edward Anderson (36), Anna Selina (Mrs. Alfred Edward) Anderson (35), Maurice Alfred George Anderson (7); Anna Anderson (26); May C. (Mrs. Gustav) Anderson (38); Otto E. Anderson (43); Robert Axel Anderson (22); and Charles C. Bender (22).

Family Reunion Encouraged for the 100th Anniversary

Chicago, Illinois — The early years of Western Electric’s excursion and picnic were tailored to an immediate family affair. Husbands, wives, and their children all attended. But in 1913, promotions for the annual employee picnic began emphasizing the importance of including the extended family.

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