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"Survivor Story": Charles Carroll and Irene McDonald

Chicago, Illinois -- Charles Patrick Carroll was a 32-year-old electrician at Western Electric Company and Irene Mary McDonald was a 20-year-old Western Electric Company employee when they survived the Eastland Disaster together.

"Survivor Story": Two Couples Who Built Their Lives Together after the Disaster

Chicago, Illinois -- Today, we are commemorating two couples who not only survived, but also built their lives together after the Eastland Disaster: Bertha Wintermute and James Hays and Mildred Pavlik and Robert Boyte.


Jun Fujita Exhibit

Jun Fujita is best known for his work as the first Japanese-American photojournalist. His photo credits include the Eastland Disaster, the Chicago Race Riot of 1919, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the Leopold and Loeb murder trial, Carl Sandburg, Albert Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, Al Capone, and engineering projects taken for the Public Works Administration.

"Survivor Story": Mary Vrba

Chicago, Illinois -- Mary Vrba was an employee at Western Electric Company when she boarded the Eastland on July 24, 1915, and survived the catastrophe.

From the Executive Director: More Excitement and More Growth for 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! This year begins our 19th year of passionate and dedicated service in writing/righting the stories of tens of thousands of ordinary people, so that they win a place in history.

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