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"Survivor Story": Julius Ferdinand Reschke

Chicago, Illinois -- On the morning of July 24, 1915, 60-year-old Julius "Ferdinand" Reschke boarded the Eastland for the Western Electric company picnic; his wife Bertha decided to stay at home. Ferdinand's son Ewald brought a date, Hattie Hofmeister, for that morning, but ended up not boarding the ship.

Sports Network ESPN to Air Story of Eastland Disaster

Chicago, Illinois -- In 2000, the Eastland Disaster portion of the Titanic exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry was seen by more than 800,000 visitors. And as recently as February 2015, hundreds of thousands more heard about the Eastland Disaster as it made national (and international) headlines when the Associated Press picked up the story of the discovery of the digitized film footage.

Eastland Disaster Tour App Launched by Chicago History Museum

Chicago, Illinois -- The Eastland Disaster Historical Society is excited to see the development and release of a new augmented reality app by the Chicago History Museum.


"Survivor Story": Clara & Emma Reisner

Chicago, Illinois -- Clara and Emma Reisner boarded the Eastland and found chairs at the back of the ship near the railing. When the ship tipped so easily and smoothly, Clara did not get excited or panic. "I didn't think it was so serious," she said. "I didn't think we or anyone else would drown. I was going to grab for my purse, but Emma said, 'Forget the purse. Can't you see the boat is going down?'"

"Survivor Story": Polivka Sisters

Chicago, Illinois -- Josephine (Polivka) Engenhart (pictured right) recalls the morning she and her sisters, Mae and Anna, prepared to leave for the excursion boat that would take them across the lake to their company picnic:

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