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News and Updates

"Survivor Story": Thomas Zahradnik (Gardner)

Chicago, Illinois -- Thomas Zahradnik worked as a magnet hardener specialist at Western Electric. He sometimes went by the last name of Gardner because Zahradnik means “gardener” in Czech and Gardner was easier to pronounce for some of the Western Electric employees of many different ethnicities.

"Survivor Story": Daniel Johan Reuther

Chicago, Illinois -- Daniel Johan Reuther left his west side home and boarded the Douglas Park El at the Pulaski station to join his Western Electric co-workers for a fun cruise to Michigan City, Indiana. His wife Charlotte Elizabeth (Friers) Reuther, and their two young children, Marion Elizabeth (5) and Daniel George (7) were left at home. Charlotte was adamant that she and the children would not go on the cruise.

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From the Executive Director: Preserve Your Family's Legacy Today

Season’s greetings! We are thrilled to have you with us as we head into our 19th year of serving you and the public across the country, and now even around the world. We are wrapping up our strongest year of results yet, and we are building the organization to deliver even more value to you in the years to follow.

"Survivor Story": Jennie Turbov

Chicago, Illinois -- Jennie Turbov began working for the Western Electric Company on 22nd Street when she was very young, and was a forelady. She was 19 years old when she boarded the S.S. Eastland for the company picnic and excursion.

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