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Radio Show Begins PR for the Eastland Disaster

Chicago, Illinois -- Andrew White, Artistic Director of the Lookingglass Theatre Company (and writer of the 2012 production, "Eastland: A New Musical") and Ted Wachholz, EDHS Executive Director and Chief Historian will be guests on WBBM's talk show, "At Issue."

Family Reunion Encouraged for the 100th Anniversary

Chicago, Illinois — The early years of Western Electric’s excursion and picnic were tailored to an immediate family affair. Husbands, wives, and their children all attended. But in 1913, promotions for the annual employee picnic began emphasizing the importance of including the extended family.

99th Anniversary of the Eastland Disaster Commemorated

Chicago, Illinois — The Eastland Disaster Historical Society commemorated the 99th anniversary of the Eastland Disaster on Thursday, July 24, at 1 p.m. in downtown Chicago.

100th Anniversary Commemoration Plans in Full Swing

Chicago, Illinois — EDHS has kicked into high gear planning a powerful weekend from July 24 through 26, 2015 for you, your family and friends. The weekend will focus on commemorating the lives of those who were affected; it will also raise awareness of this historical event.

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