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From the Executive Director: New Disaster Footage Has Been Uncovered

An important message from EDHS Executive Director & Chief Historian Ted Wachholz:

The recent discovery of the first-known motion picture footage of the Eastland Disaster is now international news and has changed the lens through which the public views the Disaster. People are connecting to the tragedy in a more visceral way, and people who never knew the story are becoming interested in it. We are grateful that doctoral student Jeff Nichols found and shared his discovery.

First Known Archived Film Footage of the Eastland Disaster Located

Chicago, Illinois -- EDHS was taken by surprise this morning when a Facebook post to our page came through with incredible news: the discovery of filmed footage of the Eastland Disaster.

Since founding the Eastland Disaster Historical Society 17 years ago, we had always felt that video footage existed somewhere, but were never able to locate it. These two short video clips are the first that EDHS has seen, and likely, the first that the public has seen of the Eastland Disaster as well.

Promo Code for Advance Musical Tickets (Duluth) Available Exclusively Through EDHS

Chicago, Illinois -- The Eastland Disaster Historical Society recently was pleased to announce the return of the Lookingglass Theatre production of "Eastland: A New Musical." The award-winning musical will return to the stage through the Renegade Theater Company of Duluth, Minnesota (August 6-8, 13-15, and 20-22).

"Eastland: A New Musical" Will Return to Stage in Minnesota

Chicago, Illinois -- Audiences were surprised and moved in the summer of 2012 when the Lookingglass Theatre of Chicago debuted "Eastland: A New Musical." The musical was haunting, brave, and bold -- telling the important historical tale of Chicago's greatest loss-of-life tragedy: the Eastland Disaster.

Radio Show Begins PR for the Eastland Disaster

Chicago, Illinois -- Andrew White, Artistic Director of the Lookingglass Theatre Company (and writer of the 2012 production, "Eastland: A New Musical") and Ted Wachholz, EDHS Executive Director and Chief Historian will be guests on WBBM's talk show, "At Issue."

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