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Create Your Personal Legacy: Join the Families Legacy Circle

As we wind down the 100 year anniversary and begin ramping up for the future, we are announcing the Eastland Disaster Families Legacy Circle. Just as a circle is never ending, we hope that our organization’s work to preserve and share your families' legacy and the history of the Eastland Disaster is also never ending. That is what the Families Legacy Circle is all about – ensuring the future remains as bright as the past, and ensuring that the family legacies and history of the tragedy remain important, relevant, and in the forefront for generations to come.


We recently published a recap of the 100th anniversary weekend. This detailed report was prepared to provide an overview of all of the events and activities that took place. It was written as a benefit to all, particularly those who were not able to attend. While the recap was thorough, it stopped short of expressing many of the highlights of the weekend. With this in mind, EDHS Executive Director Ted Wachholz shares his list of the Top 10 Personal Highlights from the 100th anniversary weekend.

From the Executive Director: New Disaster Footage Has Been Uncovered

An important message from EDHS Executive Director & Chief Historian Ted Wachholz:

The recent discovery of the first-known motion picture footage of the Eastland Disaster is now international news and has changed the lens through which the public views the Disaster. People are connecting to the tragedy in a more visceral way, and people who never knew the story are becoming interested in it. We are grateful that doctoral student Jeff Nichols found and shared his discovery.

2015 to Mark More Than 100 Year Anniversary of Eastland Disaster

Happy New Year from all of us at the Eastland Disaster Historical Society! As of today, we can no longer say that the 100th anniversary of the Eastland Disaster is next year -- it is now this year. This creates a sense of urgency within the organization for two very important reasons:

Looking Back on 2014 and Forward to 2015

From Executive Director and Chief Historian, Ted Wachholz:

“I never realized how much I look like her,” she said to me. “I have her nose, her smile, the shape of her face. Everyone tells me that I also have her personality – bubbly, silly, and fun.”

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