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Remembering the Heroes

"Remembering the Heroes": Reggie Bowles, "The Human Frog"

Chicago, IL -- This week we honor 17-year-old Charles R. E. Bowles, also known as "The Human Frog." He went by the name Reggie, and was the son of a Western Union wire chief. He and his family lived on North Springfield Avenue in Chicago.

"Remembering the Heroes": Charles Hart

Chicago, Illinois -- We honor Charles "Charlie" Hart in this week's "Remembering the Heroes" series.      

Charlie was working at the Dunham Towing and Wrecking Company on the morning of the Eastland Disaster. The Dunham plant was located on the north side of the Chicago River just a few blocks west of where the Eastland was moored.

"Remembering the Heroes": Morris Gault

Chicago, Illinois -- For this week's "Remembering the Heroes" spotlight, we remember Morris S. Gault. Morris was an immigrant from Odessa, Russia, where his family owned a fish market. He was raised on the shores of the Black Sea and learned to become a very strong swimmer like the rest of his family. He was known to have been excellent at the breaststroke.

"Remembering the Heroes": William Corbett

Chicago, Illinois -- This week, EDHS honors William F. Corbett as part of our weekly "Remembering the Heroes" series.

"Remembering the Heroes": Captain Charles Carland

Chicago, Illinois -- Captain Charles Carland was the captain of the Evanston U. S. Coast Guard Station. The Captain and his crew saved 84 lives and recovered 500 bodies from the Chicago River on the morning of July 24, 1915.

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