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Remembering the Heroes

"Remembering the Heroes": Captain Dan Donovan

Chicago, Illinois -- Captain Dan Donovan was employed by the City of Chicago as a city diver. When the Eastland capsized on the morning of July 24, 1915, he was one of the first divers to reach the tragic scene.

"Remembering the Heroes": Charles Gunderson

Charles Gunderson was the proprietor of Chas. Gunderson and Son Submarine Divers, and his biggest job was diving for bodies amongst the Eastland Disaster.

"Remembering the Heroes": Iver Johnsen

We honor the following professional and volunteer divers who risked their lives in the rescue and recovery of the Eastland Disaster: Anderson, Captain Oscar; Bildhauser, S. E.; Brown, Hugh; Davis, Mr.; Deneau, Captain William M.; Donovan, Captain Dan; Evenson, William; Halvorsen, Harry; Johnsen, Iver; Johnsen, Walter; Loeb, Arthur; McAleer, Mr.; Prochall, Emmett; Reckinger, Mr.; Saunders, Sr., George Alfred; Sawrey, Mr.; Sullivan, Francis (Frank) Bernard (Barney).

"Remembering the Heroes": William Preston

Chicago, Illinois -- The following men were crew members of the United States Coast Guard and assisted in the rescue and recovery of the Eastland Disaster on and following July 24, 1915: Erickson, J. (Surfman No. 7); LeClair, A. J. (Surfman No. 5); Lehne, G. A. (Surfman No. 6); Mruzynski, M. J. (Surfman No. 4); Nedeau, S. (Surfman No. 2); Preston, William E. (Surfman No. 1); Westerberg, W. W. (Surfman No. 9); and Zenn, M. (Surfman No. 8).

"Remembering the Heroes": Henry Sesher

Today we honor the following men from the Chicago Police Department who aided in the rescue and recovery efforts in the Eastland Disaster on July 24, 1915: Lescher, John S.; McFarlane, John B.; O'Rourke, Frank; Ryan, William; Sesher, Henry; and Wolff, Bernard.

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