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Remembering the Heroes

"Remembering the Heroes": Matthew Sweeney

Chicago, Illinois -- In 2014, EDHS began a series titled "The 844," where we remembered the 844 Eastland Disaster victims by sharing a different story each week. This fall, EDHS will begin a new series called "Remembering the Heroes," where we will share the personal accounts of the first responders and others from that tragic day.

It is our honor to start the series remembering the following Chicago Fire Department heroes:  Anderson, Thomas (Lieutenant, Engine Company No. 13); Baynes, John (Pipeman, Engine Company No. 37); Bobzien, Walter J. (Truckman, Hook and Ladder Company No. 9); Burkart, Francis X. (Truckman, Hook and Ladder Company No. 9); Burns, Thomas H. ( Pipeman, Engine Company No. 13); Cassidy, Richard E.; Cherney, Henry (Truckman, Hook and Ladder Company No. 2); Cline, Harry J. (Truckman, Hook and Ladder Company No. 9); Collins, Charles A. (Pipeman, Engine Company No. 40); and Sweeney, Matthew M. (Pipeman, Engine Company No. 1).

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