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"Survivor Story": Genevieve Hajek

Chicago, Illinois -- Genevieve Hajek said the one thing in her life that she will never forget is the Eastland Disaster.

"Survivor Story": Mabel Gunderson, James & Jenny Peterson

Chicago, Illinois -- Mabel Gunderson joined her sister Jenny Peterson and her husband James Peterson on the second deck of the Eastland. The family was on the side next to the river when the ship capsized. Jenny and James told of the experience to a local newspaper after the disaster:

"Survivor Story": William and Anne Cook

Chicago, Illinois -- Western Electric employee William Cook (left) took his younger sister Anne (center) for a day of fun and merriment at the company excursion and picnic. Anne was 15 years old and William was age 18. Anne was only allowed to attend because another Western Electric employee and his newlywed bride agreed to chaperone her. The siblings left home early that morning at 5 a.m. due to the excitement and anticipated crowd.

"Survivor Story": Thomas Chakinis

Chicago, Illinois -- 21-year-old Thomas Chakinis fled starvation in Greece in 1911 and immigrated to Chicago where he married, raised four children, and operated two restaurants. On the morning of July 24, 1915, he boarded the Eastland.     

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