Lunch Program

The Eastland Disaster

Hosted by Mesirow Financial

Monday, July 25, 2016

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Norman Mesirow A – 4th Floor conference room


11:30 a.m.  Program
12:15 p.m.  Q and A  
12:30 p.m.  Adjourn

To observe the 101st anniversary of the Eastland Disaster, please join us for an informative luncheon presentation about the Eastland Disaster, the largest loss of life event in Chicago's history.

On the morning of Saturday, July 24, 1915, while still docked at the Clark Street Bridge, the S.S. Eastland rolled over into the river at the wharf's edge. More than 2,500 passengers and crew members were on board that day – 844 people lost their lives, including 22 entire families. Find out what happened during a presentation given by the Eastland Disaster Historical Society.

The 45‐minute program features:

  • The three recently discovered original motion picture film clips taken in 1915
  • Dozens of photographs
  • Compelling firsthand narrative delivered by the two granddaughters of survivor Bobbie Aanstad
  • A brief video with ABC’s Ron Magers interviewing several survivors
  • Animation depicting the listing of the Eastland while passengers were boarding, and the moment the ship capsized
  • A brief video revealing how George “Papa Bear” Halas arrived too late to board the Eastland (a fortunate bit of fate that guaranteed the future of the Chicago Bears and the National Football League).

There are a very limited number of seats available for this historic, unique, and educational program.

Tickets: $25. (Includes box lunch catered by Cafe 353.)

Lunch choices include a sandwich/wrap OR salad (please specify your choice(s) when purchasing your ticket(s)):

  • Choice of sandwich or wrap (*all sandwiches / wraps will come with chips, cookie, and water or soda)
    • Ham and swiss
    • Turkey and cheddar
    • Roast beef and provolone
    • Tuna salad
  • Choice of salad (*all salads will come with roll, cookie, and water or soda)
    • Garden chicken (carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, tomato, chicken with ranch dressing)
    • Chicken Caesar (parmesan cheese, tomato, croutons, chicken with caesar dressing)
    • Greek chicken (onion, tomato, black olives, feta cheese, cucumber, chicken with italian dressing)

Note: You may purchase multiple tickets in a single transaction, and you may combine it with making a donation.

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