Revive Wacker Drive construction   Revive Wacker Drive completed   Revive Wacker Drive completed
(Left to right: Wacker Drive under construction; Newly renovated Wacker Drive; Replacement marker awaiting rededication.
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Historical marker rededication

With the completion of the Wacker Drive reconstruction, the Eastland Disaster historical marker will be rededicated near the site of the Eastland Disaster.  The rededication ceremony/program will be held Thursday morning, July 24, 2003.  The new marker is a near-replica of the original marker that stood from 1989 through 2000.  (Please go here to see photos and information about the original marker that was erected by the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.)  The replacement marker was co-funded by the Eastland Disaster Historical Society and the Chicago Public Art Program of the Department of Cultural Affairs in coordination with the Illinois State Historical Society.

For more information about the marker rededication ceremony, please contact the Eastland Disaster Historical Society.  

The 20-Month, $200 Million Revive Wacker Drive project was completed last November on schedule and within budget.  The photos above show Wacker Drive as of June 2001 and later as of November 2002.  For more information about the history of Wacker Drive and the Revive Wacker Drive project, please follow the links below.

Wacker Drive - History
Wacker Drive - Breakthrough ingenuity
Wacker Drive - Engineering facts
Wacker Drive - Architectural achievements
Wacker Drive - Full report on the reconstruction (completion)

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