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100th Anniversary Commemoration Plans in Full Swing

Chicago, Illinois — EDHS has kicked into high gear planning a powerful weekend from July 24 through 26, 2015 for you, your family and friends. The weekend will focus on commemorating the lives of those who were affected; it will also raise awareness of this historical event.

We invite you to see the 100th anniversary as a family reunion. First, all of us who are passionate and connected to the tragedy are a family. Whether your family members were survivors, victims, heroes, or perhaps missed boarding the ship that day, we are all uniquely connected as a family of the Eastland Disaster.

Second, this is also a unique and wonderful opportunity for you to host your own family reunion in Chicago during the weekend of July 24‐26. It’s a great reason to bring your family together and visit the great city of Chicago – but also come closer together when we commemorate Chicago’s greatest loss-of-life tragedy.

EDHS believes that tens of thousands of people were personally affected by this tragedy at the turn of the century. We estimate that several million people have a friend or family member connected to the Disaster. Come meet others who are a part of the several million and exchange your family stories.

Be a part of history. Mark your calendars. We are planning events for the entire weekend – and we’d love for you to join us and the Eastland Disaster family.

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