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2015 to Mark More Than 100 Year Anniversary of Eastland Disaster

A message from EDHS Executive Director and Chief Historian, Ted Wachholz:

Happy New Year from all of us at the Eastland Disaster Historical Society! As of today, we can no longer say that the 100th anniversary of the Eastland Disaster is next year -- it is now this year. This creates a sense of urgency within the organization for two very important reasons:

  • The many plans that we have been making to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Eastland Disaster need to be finalized, announced, and executed this year.
  • We need to build capacity into EDHS this year so that our organization can continue providing value to you and thousands just like you well beyond the 100th anniversary.

Our sense of urgency increased with the recent passing of survivor Marion Eichholz, the last known living voice of the Eastland Disaster. This means that you and the thousands just like you are now the voices of Chicago's greatest loss-of-life tragedy.

Will you embrace the sense of urgency that we feel, so that together we can share the legacies of those who were affected by the Eastland Disaster? Will you help us connect more and more people today to these century-old legacies?

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing ideas that I hope will inspire you to take action to build something great together with us.

Happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015 everyone!

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