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EDHS Announces Plans to Commemorate 101st Anniversary

Chicago, Illinois -- For the 17th consecutive summer, the Eastland Disaster Historical Society will be hosting the official anniversary commemoration for Chicago's greatest loss-of-life tragedy. Whether you have joined us in previous years or are considering attending for your first time, all are welcome to participate.

"Streetwise" Lists 100th Anniversary Commemoration in Top 10 Events of 2015

EDHS is excited to announce a second award: The Eastland Disaster 100th Anniversary Commemoration Weekend was named by Streetwise Magazine as one of its Top 10 Events in Chicago during 2015.


We recently published a recap of the 100th anniversary weekend. This detailed report was prepared to provide an overview of all of the events and activities that took place. It was written as a benefit to all, particularly those who were not able to attend. While the recap was thorough, it stopped short of expressing many of the highlights of the weekend. With this in mind, EDHS Executive Director Ted Wachholz shares his list of the Top 10 Personal Highlights from the 100th anniversary weekend.

Recap of the Eastland Disaster's 100th Anniversary Commemoration Weekend

Chicago, Illinois -- The Eastland Disaster Historical Society graciously hosted the Eastland Disaster's 100th Anniversary Commemoration Weekend this past July 24-26. Our plans for the weekend were thoughtfully made to ensure that families – from across the world – were connected to other families, and also to the history of the Eastland Disaster. Our plans were also made with our seniors and out-of-town guests in mind; we ensured that all events were within a very short (one block) walk of the site of the tragedy on the Chicago River. The only thing left to chance was the weather. Fortunately, we were blessed with beautiful weather throughout the entire weekend.

Bohemian National Cemetery Dedicates Memorial to Eastland Victims

Chicago, Illinois -- As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the Eastland Disaster, a permanent memorial is being dedicated at the Bohemian National Cemetery. The memorial and dedication will be held this Sunday, July 12 at 1 p.m. at the Bohemian National Cemetery on Pulaski Road at Foster, and is open to the general public. It is part of the old-fashioned picnic held annually at the cemetery. The picnic hours are 12 noon until 4 p.m.

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