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EDHS Announces Plans to Commemorate 101st Anniversary

Chicago, Illinois -- For the 17th consecutive summer, the Eastland Disaster Historical Society will be hosting the official anniversary commemoration for Chicago's greatest loss-of-life tragedy. Whether you have joined us in previous years or are considering attending for your first time, all are welcome to participate.

This year's commemoration will feature three events to respectfully remember the history of what happened 101 years ago, and to connect you with individuals and families whose family legacies all intersected on July 24, 1915. All three events received the most positive feedback last year, and we are honored that we will continue their tradition this year in hopes of solid attendance.


The event from last year that received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback was the Families River & Lake Cruise. It provides the perfect opportunity for you to invite your extended family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to hear the powerful stories from the families while enjoying a beautiful cruise along the Chicago River and the Lake Michigan shoreline.

We are planning to charter the same boat from our friends at Wendella Boats, but we need you to act now. TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED NOW, BY MAY 15, FOR EDHS TO HOST THIS MOVING AND ENJOYABLE EVENT.
Please review our schedule for the weekend and order tickets here. Then make your plans and purchase your tickets as soon as possible (on or before May 15). Note: The Sunday morning ceremony and the lunch that follows will be held regardless of the response to the cruise.

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