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From the Executive Director: New Additions to the 2017 EDHS Board of Trustees

Chicago, Illinois -- We are pleased to announce the new additions to the EDHS Board of Trustees for 2017! Joining the Board of Trustees are: Tom Panoplos, Joe Popa, and John Lupton.

The current Board of Trustees are: (left to right) Ted Wachholz (1998), Tom Panoplos (2017), Susan Decker (1998), Barbara Decker Wachholz (1998), Joe Popa (2017), Russell Lewis (2002), John Lupton (2017), and Liz Garibay (2005).

Tom Panoplos, named after his grandfather, Tom Chakinis, who survived the Eastland Disaster, is a Managing Director at Mesirow Financial.

Joe Popa is the Executive Creative Director at 88 Brand Partners. Over a decade ago, he and his wife purchased their home, which originally was owned by Nicholas Suerth, a victim of the Eastland Disaster.

John Lupton is the Executive Director at the Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Association. Tom and John were two of the four-person committee who organized "The Chicago Trial That Never Was: The Eastland Disaster Criminal Retrial" in 2015.

Russell Lewis has served as the sole chairperson of the Board of Trustees for 15 years, and he is the Executive Vice President and Chief Historian at the Chicago History Museum.

Liz Garibay is the Founder of the Brewseum Chicago and History On Tap and the brainchild behind The 844 Commemorative Beer. In 2000, she was the lead curator of the Museum of Science and Industry’s Titanic Exhibit, which featured the Eastland Disaster.

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