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From the Executive Director: Preserve Your Family's Legacy Today

Dear Friends of the EDHS Family,

Season’s greetings! We are thrilled to have you with us as we head into our 19th year of serving you and the public across the country, and now even around the world. We are wrapping up our strongest year of results yet, and we are building the organization to deliver even more value to you in the years to follow.

Just this past year we reached more people than ever with personal stories about the Eastland Disaster. With your faithful interest and support, we:

1. appeared on national TV for the first time ever, with over one million viewers of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown hearing the story of the Eastland Disaster from coast to coast.

2. shared the story of the tragedy with tens of thousands of riders via backseat TV monitors in more than 800 American Taxi cabs in the Chicago area.

3. added to our database of families connected to the tragedy, a significant increase that began in 2015 and was driven higher in 2016 by the ESPN broadcast and taxi cab program.

Not only were we delivering strong results this year, we were also busy building more capacity into the organization for 2017 and beyond. We successfully added new resources to EDHS including two new staff members and five new volunteers, plus we more than doubled the size of our Board of Trustees!

We hope that our organization’s work to preserve and share your families' legacy and the history of the Eastland Disaster is never ending. That is why we ask you to join the Families Legacy Circle with your tax-deductible gift of $100 or more – to ensure the future remains as bright as the past, and to ensure that the family legacies and history of the tragedy remain important, relevant, and in the forefront for generations to come.

We invite you create your own personal legacy by joining the Families Legacy Circle today.

We have started something special that is of high value to you and thousands more across the country, even around the world. We hope that you will add your family’s name to the Families Legacy Circle to ensure that your family's historic legacy from 1915 will be there for many generations to come. Is there any reason you wouldn’t wish to join the Families Legacy Circle today?

With heartfelt appreciation,

Ted Wachholz, Executive Director and Chief Historian

P.S. Remember – you can make your generous donation online today! Invest in your family’s legacy and the Eastland Disaster’s future by visiting our website at EastlandDisaster.org/Donate.


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