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Help EDHS Ensure History Doesn't Repeat Itself

Why should you make an end of the year gift investment in the Eastland Disaster Historical Society? Because we believe that even ordinary people need to win a place in history, and that is what we are fighting hard to do.

Your tax-deductible investment in EDHS helps us to continue what we started 18 years ago -- preserving and sharing the names, faces, and stories of the tens of thousands of ordinary people whose lives were affected by the Eastland Disaster. For many of you, this includes your ancestors or relatives.
This past year we shared the history of the Eastland Disaster with over one million viewers of ESPN's Monday Night Football pre-game show. Not a bad reach for a not-for-profit organization that operated this year on approximately $5,000 of contributed revenue! Additionally, we have plans in place during 2017 for over two million riders in American Taxi cabs to be presented information about the Eastland Disaster .... And much more!
Please make your gift investment in EDHS this week to ensure the continuing hard work in securing a place in history for the tens of thousands of ordinary, hard-working, first- and second-generation immigrants whose lives intersected at the Eastland Disaster over 100 years ago. History mostly forgot them throughout the 20th century, and we need your thoughtful and kind gift investment to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself in the 21st century.
Help us ensure their lives aren't forgotten through your thoughtful year-end gift to the Eastland Disaster Historical Society.         


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