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Remembering the Heroes

"Remembering the Heroes": Joseph Mootz

Chicago, Illinois -- 20-year-old Joseph Mootz lived at 1927 N. Keeler Avenue in Chicago. On the morning of July 24, 1915, Joseph was on a streetcar when he saw the commotion at the Eastland Disaster. He jumped into the Chicago River to rescue those struggling in the water.

"Remembering the Heroes": Other Heroes at the Scene

Chicago, Illinois -- As we bring our "Remembering the Heroes" series to a close, we wanted to share a few more stories of other heroes who aided in the rescue and recovery efforts of the Eastland Disaster.

"Remembering the Heroes": Jun Fujita

Chicago, Illinois -- Jun Fujita was the first Japanese-American photojournalist, and captured some of the most notable photographs of the Eastland Disaster.

"Remembering the Heroes": Otto Muchna

Chicago, Illinois -- Otto Muchna was an undertaker with a funeral chapel on Central Park Avenue near 27th Street on Chicago's west side, a neighborhood where many Western Electric employees lived. When the Eastland capsized, Otto began receiving calls.

"Remembering the Heroes": Peter Boyle

Chicago, Illinois -- Today's "Remembering the Heroes" spotlight is on Peter Boyle, a lookout on the steamer Petoskey. Peter was an immigrant from Ireland and lived at 110 E. Illinois Street in Chicago. He was 26 at the time of the Eastland Disaster. He drowned in an attempt to rescue a woman who had been thrown into the Chicago River when the Eastland capsized.

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