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"Remembering the Heroes": William Corbett

Chicago, Illinois -- This week, EDHS honors William F. Corbett as part of our weekly "Remembering the Heroes" series.

A lifetime resident of Chicago's south side, 21-year-old William Corbett was one of nine children. He worked as a truck driver for Munger Laundry and also for Sunshine Laundry.

William was making his laundry pick-ups and deliveries when he happened upon the Eastland Disaster. Without hesitation, he jumped right in to the attempts being made to rescue those that were on the Eastland.

He was later awarded a star from the Cook County Coroner's office for his valued services rendered to the coroner. Later on in life, William was a very quiet man and said little or nothing about the Eastland Disaster. William's wife, Rose, later gave the star to their nephew Bob Dorgan when William passed away. Later in his life, Bob in turn donated the coroner's star to EDHS so that his uncle's legacy would be preserved for decades to come.

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