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"The 844": George Wanted to Hear the Music

Chicago, Illinois -- The following are amongst "The 844" Eastland Disaster victims that we commemorate and remember this week: Patrick Brady (age 45); Hefferen, Mary (40); Heiden, Edwin (18); Heilemann, Rudolph Frank (28); Helfenbein, Jan (John) (22); Hengels, Barbara Elizabeth (18); Hennings, Edward (18); Henzlik, Ruzena M. (Rose) (17); Herries, James (29); Herzfeldt, Fred (32) Hill, Emily Georgia (Mrs. Henry) (41); Hill, Henry (35); Hill, Mary (23); Hilles, John (age unknown); Hillman, Anna M. (22); Hinczewski, Vijcenty (William) (21); and George W. Jost (17).

George W. Jost was an employee of the Western Electric Company and worked at the plant in department 2031 for two years. He lived on Komensky Avenue with his parents Henry and Emma, and his two sisters Doris and Evelyn. George cared so deeply for his family -- he had been turning over his entire earnings to his family to help pay for their home.

George left home with a friend early on the morning of July 24, 1915 with plans to enjoy the day at the Western Electric Company excursion and picnic. After he and his friend boarded the S.S. Eastland, George, a violinist, went below deck to listen to the music.

George was sadly trapped below deck when the Eastland capsized and perished that day. His friend survived.

George's father Henry made several trips to the temporary morgue at the Armory building before locating and identifying his 17-year-old son's body. He is buried at Waldheim Cemetery.

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