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"The 844": The Cox Sisters' Fate

Chicago, Illinois -- This week, we remember the following people who were amongst "The 844" Eastland Disaster victims: Foreman, Henry W. (age unknown); Gajicek, Henrietta (17); Gecewicz, Wladyslaw (Walter) (20); Horazdovsky, Ella (18); Horazdovsky, Emma (17); Hosman, Amalie (age unknown); Hrebout (Kral), Anna Stella (23); Hrivnak, Emma (16); Hubbard, Ruth E. (22); Humpal, Jan (John) (23); Hunt, Joel B. (45); Hurt, Lillian (19); Hutchinson, Joseph L. (20); Ignasiak (Miller), Anna (17); Ignasiak (Miller), Antonett (21); Illig, William, Jr. (18); Immel, Albert J. (25); Inciardi, Antoinetta (Mrs. Henry) (37); Ingenzo, Antonette (27); and Ivanecky, Katerina (19).

Bethel and Mildred Cox were half-sisters living on 61st Avenue in Cicero, Illinois. Bethel was Mildred's older sister and worked in department 2376 at Western Electric; Mildred was a typist. The two sisters boarded the Eastland on July 24, 1915 but never returned home. Both perished tragically in the Disaster.

EDHS was previously contacted by a relative of Bethel and Mildred's. What we learned from the family is that Bethel had a different father than Mildred, and Bethel's birth name was Mary Elizabeth Jackson (Bethel is a variation of the name Elizabeth). She was buried with her stepfather's family, John Cox.

EDHS is grateful for relatives assisting in the research and genealogy of their ancestors.

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