Edward Henry and Friederika Suess Garner

Edward Henry Garner

...daughter named after her late true love...

Edward Henry Garner was an accomplished amateur photographer who worked at the Western as a draftsman. His wife, Friederika, was pregnant with their first child and was in the first trimester of her pregnancy. They lived on Lawndale Avenue on the west side of Chicago.

Though they married late in life, especially for the time, they were very much in love. Edward was truly Friederika's one great love. News of Edward's death on the Eastland devastated Friederika. Stricken with grief, Friederika removed all pictures from her home and rarely, if ever, spoke of her husband. Several months after his death when their only child was born, Friederika named their daughter Edros Henrietta Garner after her one true love. Friederika never remarried.

This is the last picture of Edward Henry Garner and his wife Friederika, taken on July 11, 1915.

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