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The Eastland Disaster Historical Society preserves the legacies of the thousands of people who were affected by the tragedy. We connect people today to the history of the tragedy and to the stories of the thousands who were involved in Chicago’s greatest loss-of-life tragedy. Your support will enable us to continue sharing the stories.

Be a part of history. Your partnership dollars directly support the research, preservation, and sharing of the life stories of tens of thousands of individuals whose historical records and legacies do not appear in history. Our research and work connects people today to the thousands of personal stories and the history of the tragedy.

Help your employees be a part of history. We estimate that several million people have a friend or family member connected to the Disaster. How many of these several million people work at your company? How many do not know the story of Chicago’s greatest loss-of-life tragedy? How many do not know that they have a connection to it?

As a not‐for‐profit we rely on support from diverse funding sources, including businesses like yours. We expend every effort with our corporate partners to ensure that our sponsorships work to the greatest possible mutual benefit.

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